Cadmus Project

Wealth and Resources: 14

Project Cadmus, often referred to as simply Cadmus, was a secret division of the United States government dedicated to countering the power of metahumans in the world, particularly the members of the Justice League. Since the Cadmus Project personnel tried to destroy the Justice Lords during the Cadmus Project Affair using a creature named Doomsday they are now under the absolute control of the Justice Police and their facility used to store the most dangerous superpowered criminals that cannot be controlled, reformed or destroyed. The current head scientist of Project Cadmus is Thomas Oscar Morrow. The Project is located in a high security facility deep underground near Metropolis. The facility is under the direct and constant scrutiny of the Justice Lords. In recent events, the facility exploded and some prisoners managed to escape. In between the injured, T.O. Morrow and Will Magnus are in critical condition and are receiving medical care in Metropolis. By order ofMartian Manhunter, Superman went to help in the physical restoration of the facilities.

Prisoners in Cadmus Project: ( see Neutralize Project )

Atomic Skull

Black Adam (escaped)

The Brain

Brainiac (destroyed)

Cheetah (escaped)

Clayface (escaped)

Doomsday (destroyed)


Killer Croc


Major Force (escaped)


Solomon Grundy (escaped)

Cadmus Project’s Projects:

Doomsday Project – (scraped)

Brother Grid Project – (finished)

Neutralize Project

Power Token Project

Metal Men Project (The Project is now at 40% and considered to be in pause)

Facility Stats:

Physical Stats for the Facility [Body: 12, Doors have Body of 15] Security System [Body:5, Security Systems: 12, Energy Blast (non lethal): 6, Radio Communication: 20, R#2] Limitations: The device’s Radio Communication Power represents the range of the signal to alert the Security of Cadmus Project who is composed of Justice Police officers.

Computer [Int: 6, Will: 6, Mind: 6, Body: 6, Recall: 13, Detective: 6, Gadgetry: 6, Medicine (Forensics): 6 Military Science: 6, Scientist: 6, R#2]

Medical Ward Used to lobotomize dangerous criminals with human and human-like physiology. [Body: 6, Str: 20, Medicine: 8] Limitations: Str is only used to keep the subject immobilized.

Laboratory and Technical Labs Contains 15 AP’s of supplies to build or repair gadgets.


Other objects that are been disarmed and studied by Cadmus Project personnel at the facility:

Cadmus Project

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