Justice League: Paradox in a New Earth

Travel to a New Earth

HP= 25

Batman called the group the Justice Lords (Superman, Wonder Woman, ,Martian Manhunter, Flash, John Stewart, Hawkwoman, Green Arrow, Aquaman) and showed them some events taking place in an alternate universe where they were kknown as the Justice League, not Lords, and they were fighting against Lex Luthor, although their Lex was killed by Superman. After a debate on whether or not to go to the other universe, they decide to go to conquer the world and impose the system of laws that the JL imposed on their world, Earth 50. Crossing, the portal, it malfunctioned and they not transported to the place they had seen, but Gotham bay. There arrived in the middle of a battle between troops of Themyscira and Atlantis. Lady Wonder Woman went to find out what was going on with her troops, posing as the Wonder Woman that universe while Zatanna did the same with the troops of Atlantis. As that happened, Superman, Captain Marvel and John Stewart were in search of theBatman of that universe. Captain Marvel foundBatman, and was in pursuit of Yo-Yo, the equivalent of Harley Quinn. During the escape of Yo-Yo, Deadshot and Scarecrow spotted trying to help Yo-Yo . Superman killed both Deadshot and Scarecrow. The adventure ends when they manage to convince Thomas Wayne, Paradox Aquaman and Wonder Woman make a cease fire and negotiate the creation of a Justice League on Earth 0 Flashpoint. They were in search of all the matahumans they can get in 3 days.

Lord Superman
Lady Wonder Woman
Captain Marvel
Lord Aquaman
John Stewart
Martian Manhunter.


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