Johnny Thunder


Pink thunder : The Thunderbolt
Dex: 14 Str: 18 Bod: 13
Int: 08 Wil: 08 Min: 09
Inf: 09 Aur: 12 Spi: 14
Init: 033 HP: Special
Powers: Awareness: 10, Flight (ML): 30, Invulnerability (ML): 15, Magic sense: 10, Sorcery: 21
Advantages: Life support (full)
Connections: N.A.
Drawbacks: Misc.: The Thunderbolt does not have HPs on its own and must draw on Johnny Thunder’s ; Misc.: As a Pet, the Thunderbolt cannot act unless he’s specifically directed by Johnny Thunder (0 pts)
Motivation: Upholding good
Occupation: N.A.
Resources {or Wealth}: N.A.

Johnny Thunder
Dex: 4 Str: 2 Bod: 3
Int: 3 Wil: 4 Min: 7
Inf: 5 Aur: 6 Spi: 7
Init: 14 HP: 100
Powers: Dumb luck: 10
Skills: Animal handling: 2, Martial artist: 4
Advantages: Pet (Thunderbolt (Condition : Johnny must say “Cei U” to summon the Thunderbolt. During roughly half the war, he didn’t know that : assumes it takes 8 RAPs of Dumb Luck to accidentally pronounce the magic words)
Connections: Badhnisia (High), JSA (High), A2S (Low), Black Canary I (High)
Drawbacks: SIA to naivete, Unluck
Motivation: Upholding good
Occupation: Various
Resources {or Wealth}: 6


“Last member of the Justice Society.”

A former member of the Justice Society who destroyed the First Batcave and is still at large. He used his Sorcery power to duplicate the effect of an atomic bomb.

Yz is a powerful magic being who grants the wishes of adventurer Johnny Thunder. He was later revealed as a djinn from the 5th Dimension. Jakeem He has been involved with the All-Star Squadron and the Justice Society. There have been other Thunderbolts such as Mzzttexxal working with Johnny Thunder and Zzlrrrzzzm working with Skyman.

Metahuman Treat Rating: D5


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