Thomas Oscar Morrow

T.O. Morrow


Dex: 3 Str: 2 Body: 3
Int: 9 Will: 5 Mind: 5
Infl: 4 Aura: 4 Spirit: 5
Init: 16 HP: 75

Skills: Charisma: 5, Gadgetry: 13, Scientist: 9
Advantages: Genius; Scholar (Robotics, Androids)
Alter Ego: Thomas Oscar Morrow
Motivation: Power Lust
Occupation: Robotics Expert
Wealth: 8


Thomas Oscar Morrow
Thomas Oscar Morrow is a genius super-villain and enemy to the Justice League. This role often leads him to team up with Professor Ivo. His specialty is robotics, and his most notable creations include Red Tornado and Tomorrow Woman. He has been a member of the Injustice Society and the Science Squad.

Currently, Thomas Oscar Morrow is the head scientist in Cadmus Project and in charge of finding ways to neutralize metahumans. He knows that he is in constant watch from the Justice Lords and doesn’t want to be lobotomized.

Anthony Ivo forms a vitriolic working relationship with fellow mad scientist Thomas Oscar Morrow. Together, the two men create the android Tomorrow Woman, with Ivo working on her body and Morrow creating her brain. Within her body they conceal an EMP bomb wired to go off at a specific time and kill the whole Justice League. Though the two work well together, their personalities clash, and they bicker constantly, frequently exchanging insults. When Tomorrow Woman gains free will and refuses to kill the Justice League, Morrow secretly rejoices, as he feels this proves once and for all that he is the more intelligent man. Later, when they are imprisoned together, Morrow reports Ivo’s escape plans after growing weary of Ivo’s boasting. Despite this, they maintain a friendship of sorts, and Ivo appears to hold no grudge.

T.O. Morrow andWilliam Magnus are right now in critical condition and are being medically treated in Metropolis

Thomas Oscar Morrow

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