Mirror Master

Evan McCulloch



Mirror Guns (x2) [BODY: 3, Heat Vision: 8, R#2]
Holo-Mirrors (x6) [BODY: 1, Illusion: 11] Frequently used to travel into and out of the Mirror Dimension
Looking Glass [BODY: 1, Two Dimensional: 8 (Usable on others as a physical attack (Use McCulloch’s Weaponry as AV) to trap them within the mirror, Also allows McCulloch to ‘hide’ within the mirror), Chameleon: 8 (Power linked to Two Dimensional to make the person within the mirror appear as anyone who looks into the mirror)]
HARD LIGHT HOLOGRAM PROJECTORS [BODY: 12, Split: 10 (Usable on Others, Only allows the interface operator to create a hard, hologram of a hero of his choice along with all of the hero’s physical abilities and gadgets per a normal split- it does not split mental or mystical abilities), Personality Transfer: 12 (Power linked to Split, Used as an automatic action to place the personality of the interface operator into the hologram), R#2] When a hologram is destroyed, it disperses and the interface operator returns to his own body, suffering a mental attack with an AV/EV of 5 versus his INT/MIND.
C Omni-Mirrors: 5 (x2)


Doctor Light and Mirror Master are now a duo of criminals that call themselves Light and Mirrors.

Metahuman Treat Rating: D3

Mirror Master

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