Lord Superman

Kal-El (Clark Kent)




“The Last Son of Krypton.”

Leader of the Justice Lords. His headquarter is the Fortress of Solitude. His relationship with Lois Lane is broken and his adoptive earth parents, Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent, are now living on the Fortress of Solitude for their own protection.

Superman is proud of what is accomplished so far, but he knows that he won’t live forever and is thinking he must perpetuate his linage to keep Earth-50 safe. The options are limited: his cousin Power Girl (formerly Supergirl),Wonder Woman and Big Barda who is already married to Mr Miracle.

In the events of Chaos at Metropolis, where the JL convened to try and figure out what was Superman’s punishment going to be, it was decided that Superman was going to be demoted from Justice Lord to Justice Reserve for a trial period.

Lord Superman

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