Blue Beetle

Ted Kord



Ted Kord’s Current Wealth: 10

BLUE BEETTLE’s GLOVES [BODY: 1, Telepathy: 9] Limitations: Telepathy enables Beetle to communicate with The Bug and manipulate its controls from a distance of 8 miles (14APs).


“I can do this, I can do this, oops, maybe I can’t do this!”

Ted Kord CEO of Kord Enterprises is also the hero known as Blue Beetle. He is helping the Justice Lords and occasionally teaming up with his friend Booster Gold. Blue Beetle’s main vehicle and gadet is The Bug. Now that he has his corporation back he is thinking about retiring from the superhero activity and continue his work on gadgets. He has no direct relation to the third Blue Beetle 3, Jaime Reyes. Ted Kord uses his own inventions of high tech technology instead of the alien artifact Blue Beetle Scarab like Jaime Reyes.

Player: Andres R.

Blue Beetle

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