Justice League: Paradox in a New Earth

What is going On?


A alarm was activated from Arkaham Asylum and Lord Martian Manhunter activated Raven and Blue Beetle. They found out that Atomic Skull had been activated and killed a employee of the Asaylum. Both Raven and Blue Beetle tracked down Atomic Skull and confronted him, Raven used her empathy and found out that for some reason, Atomic Skull was really angry, but could not find out why. They managed to stop Atomic Skull with the help from John Stewart

While Blue Bettle andRaven went after Atomic Skull, a alert came from Texas saying that GIganta was running rampant. Aquaman andJohn Stewart were deployed to stop the menace. Aquaman mangaged to control the situation and John Stewart flew to help out Raven andBlue Beetle

Blue Beetle
John Stewart



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