Justice League: Paradox in a New Earth

The League Strikes

HP: 35

Lex Luthor deduced that some murders were not normal in comparison to the crime spree that normally went on the Flashpoint universe, so he called for the Justice Lords to help him investigate the murders. Nightwing and Batman managed to narrow it down to assassin work, mainly League of Assassins. While looking for clues as to where they might strike next, Nightwing found the trail of the most recent murder and started to follow it with Firestorm, All of them were attacked by ninjas, They managed to knock them out and take some of the ninjas hostage and Nightwing kept following the trail, the trail led them to the HQ of the Injustice League and found that Lex Luthor had been murdered.

Lord Batman
Lord Martian Manhunter
Blue Beetle III
Lord Green Lantern
Lord Green Arrow



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