Justice League: Paradox in a New Earth

Showdown in Gotham

HP= 45

Wonder Woman and Aquaman were in the new Injustice League headquarters on a diplomatic mission with Martian Manhunter and Blue Beetle when they saw a live video feed from the Joker and she had a hostage who apparently is important to someone of high status in New Earth Flashpoint. The group was helped byLex Luthor and Cyborg, they found wherethe Joker was hiding withYo-Yo and the hostage. Joker had 98 Super Dragon Soldiers, They managed to apprehend Yo Yo and the Joker, and managed to kill all the Super Soldiers but 10, those 10 escaped with the hostage

The Joker andYo-Yo were sent to Cadmus Project in Earth 50 to interrogate them before they send them to the Injustice League

Blue Beetle III
Lord Aquaman
Lord Martian Manhunter
Lady Wonder Woman

PS….. Martian Manhunter tiene X-ray Vision Ricardo???




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