Justice League: Paradox in a New Earth

Nightclub Showdown Part 1

HP: 25 (Will be awarded jointly with the next adventure for a total of 50 HP)

The Heroes got a tip of a secret Arcadia rally in a nightclub in Manhattan, which meant that Lord Batman team is activated for such mission. Also since the villain Arsenal is involved, so Lord Green Arrow tagged along, as did Jeremy Stone, since he is an accomplice of Nightwing, Lord Batman decided to let him come along as a test of his skill. They arrived at the nightclub and, after a few mishaps managed to get in without getting noticed… or so they thought. When Nightwing and Jeremy Stone were inside trying to get info on the rally, a big dude attacked Jeremy Stone. He talks to Jeremy like he knows him… but Jeremy Stone can’t remember him. The dude revealed himself as Jeremy Stone arch nemesis and he could swore that Jeremy was dead.

Lord Batman
Lord Green Arrow
Robin III
Jeremy Stone



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