Justice League: Paradox in a New Earth


The heroes kept investigating and fighting Super Soldiers.Batman, got to the cave and started to cyberdefend his computer, somebody was hacking the Batcomputer and was taking random information from its data bank. They found a citizen that was hired as a watchman in exchange of a lot of money, The guy gave information of the possible hideout of the mastermind behind the kidnapping of Lex and the Super Soldiers. Inside there was 1 guy in a computer hacking the Batcomputer, and 3 Bodyguards. The heroes managed to knock out the guards and attacked the guy in the computer, but did not manage to damage to much the guy, he just took a USB out of the computer and left, but not before saying :Weak heroes, you shall be eliminated and we will come back from the shadows"


Lord Batman
Lord Martian Manhunter
Lord Green Lantern
Jeremy Stone



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