Justice League: Paradox in a New Earth

Chaos at Metropolis

HP= 38

The Justice Lords meet to discuss Superman’s actions that happened in Travel to a New Earth. After an intense discussion where Superman accept the terms, they decided that Superman is going to get demoted from Justice Lord and be placed in the reserves for a trial period. During this period he (Superman) can not act on his own and may not have information and not notify it at least to one Justice Lord, additional, he always have to be accompanied by at least one Justice Lord, unless a Justice Lord told him to do something and come back. If SupermanSuperman break any of these criteria, he goes to trial and may be locked in Project Cadmus indefinitely in a cell designed just for him.
When the day of the summit scheduled in Metropolis were attended by Aquaman, Wonder Woman ,Batman, Deathstroke and his crew of pirates, Lex Luthor and Cyborg and Captain Thunder. Amid all the discussion and fight, the Justice Lords managed to stop the war indefinitely and form a Justice League members at the time being: Deathstroke and his band of pirates,Lex Luthor,Aquaman, Wonder Woman andCaptain Thunder. There was a commotion outside and when they checked the explosions, they saw people outside with guns shooting at innocent civilians, causing explosions and just total chaos. The Justice Lords and the newly formed Justice League of Earth 0 Paradox, which was named unofficially as the Injustice League, took to regain control of cities. During the battle, based on information collected Lady Wonder Woman and could provideAlfred using the Batcomputer, they managed to find out that The Joker (Martha) as the cause of all this chaos and that was operating from Gotham City. By defeating the bad guys, Joker showed himself on camara and warned them about five bombs planted in five different locations throughout Metropolis. When they found the bombs,Skeets replied that he was really surprised with how advanced the bombs circuitry was. They managed to defuse 1 bomb and between Superman andWonder Woman they launched the other 4 to space. When finished, they went to where Batman to find information about the Joker and he told them that the Joker was nothing none other than his wife, Martha Wayne.
Wonder Woman
Green Arrow
Booster Gold



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